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The Women’s Centre has free 30 minute consultations available during the first week of each month. Phone the Centre and make an appointment.

The primary objective of this consultation is to advise you if you have a legal problem, and whether you need to see a solicitor. If you do need to see a solicitor the lawyer can advise you about your eligibility for Legal Aid and give you some idea of the legal procedures involved in solving your particular problem.

If you don’t have a legal problem the lawyer is sure she can give you some sound practical advice anyway.

The lawyer can also advise you about facilities available to help you solve your own problems, such as the Disputes Tribunal, Family Court Counselling etc. All consultations are held in private and are strictly confidential.

Legal Advice at The Women’s Centre

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This service is offered to all women

During the first week of the month

Thomas Dewar Sziranyi Letts
Level 2,  Corner of Queens Drive and Margaret Street
Lower Hutt

Phone the Women’s Centre to make an appointment 


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