Trash Talk

Viewpoint: Trash Talk Katie Monteith Board Member Published June 2018 I want to talk some trash right now. I’m talking about the kind of trash we used to export to China to be recycled. On 1 January of this year, this practice was banned due to the Chinese government...

Mental Health

Viewpoint Teresa Housel Newsletter Editor Published October 2018 When I was a professor at a tertiary institution in Michigan, I lived in a neighbourhood close to the university’s campus. I paused many times in front of our living room window to look out at the...


Viewpoint Stephanie Brockman Manager Published December 2019 The Lower Hutt Women’s Centre is a women-only centre. People like it being women-only for many reasons. In our last two-yearly surveys, some of the comments supporting the women-only space were: It is a safe...


   Viewpoint Stephanie Brockman Manager Published June 2019 I’ve been looking through old videos from the ‘90s about the changes in New Zealand’s economic direction. “Revolution,” “In a Land of Plenty,” and “Someone Else’s Country” were three I watched.   I...

Institutional Abuse

 Viewpoint Published March 2019 20 Join Us By Stephanie Brockman, LHWC Manager Last week I was looking on the Net for something and a newsflash came up: “Nuns were made to be sex slaves”. Then, as I read further on, the Pope was recorded as saying, “Yes, it is true....

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