By Teresa Heinz Housel, LHWC Newsletter Editor Published December 2018 Having grown up in the United States, one of the benefits that I appreciate most about New Zealand’s health care system is the access to public health services. Some family members have managed...
Housing in the Neo-liberal era

Housing in the Neo-liberal era

Written by Stephanie Brockman June 2019 Housing in the Neo-liberal Era Are we getting so used to the homeless that we take it for granted we will have homeless, rather than looking at the system that creates homelessness. I’ve been looking through old videos...
Housing in the Neo-liberal era

Institutional Abuse

Written by Stephanie Brockman March  2019 Institutional Abuse   Last week I was looking on the Net for something and a newsflash came up: “Nuns were made to be sex slaves”.  Then, as I read further on, the Pope was recorded as saying, “Yes, it is true. An order in...
Housing in the Neo-liberal era

Mahinarangi Tocker

Written by Sandra Dickson May 2008  Mahinarangi Tocker   Mahinarangi Tocker, of Ngati Raukawa, Ngati Tuwharetoa, Ngati Maniapoto, Hebrew and Celtic ancestry, is a well-respected musician in Aotearoa. So respected she opened Parliament in 1999 at the request of...
Housing in the Neo-liberal era

I want to do more than consent

Written by Sandra Dickson May 2008  I want to do more than consent The conviction of former Police Officer John Dewar for four counts of attempting to obstruct or defeat the course of justice during the 1990s in relation to rape complaints made by Louise Nicholas has...

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